These are few of my favorite Reads

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Hmm #MyFavoriteFictionWriter,

Who is my favourite fiction book writer and why, well when I read this I was annoyed, with how unimaginative can you get, and if someone is putting this prompt out, there was only explanation, that the prompter has entered a library for the first time and is trying to figure out what he should be reading. A true book-addict will know his genre and would not care less about others. — Judgemental wasn’t it, you have to bear with me, it is one of those days,

Here is something that I wrote four years ago, it more or less stands the same  all the same there is a kind of regret right now, I should have told you, that my favorite fiction author is I ME MYSELF, sadly the only story I have published is mythical in existence unless you consider

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On second thoughts, I take a deep breath and declare to the universe and anyone and everyone, I am a self published author and my narrations are live online. Having satisfied my ego, let’s look at the  let’s examine Shantinath Choudhary’s  (   query..Which fiction author’s book/novel do you like the most? Why?

Okay…now let me think, when do I read… where do I read… so how do I choose my author.

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Let me tackle where do I read first since the other two interrelated the answer is simple ANYWHERE, I have books and reading glasses by my night stand, in my handbag…I stand corrected in all my bags, I always have an overnight bag packed, and in that bag I have “Books”  Who is the author of my favourite book depends on the Genre I am reading and the Genre I am reading depends on my mood. I am menopausal so I am not responsible for my moods.

my current reading shelf.

I read to gather information,  these are not what you want to know about, for they are text books though my favourites are Baby Robbins book on Pathology and Bouchers book on complete dentures, I also like to read books on Natyashastra and folk narrations.  Robert Kiyoski’s Rich Dad Poor Dad series.

I read to peek into an experience.  A story or a narration is a letter that an author writes to himself. To tell himself the things that would be unable to discover otherwise, and one really needs to be careful with books it contains a potion so potent that it could alter the reader for life. On this genre my often read book, is Conversation with God by Neal Donald Walsch. The book changed me or maybe I should say resonated with me.

I read to live life second hand, there are stories based in various civilizations, and various time zones, I get to drift to that space- comfortable and see it through the eyes of the author. With Google Mata around me actually Google images of all those things that catch my fancy the experience then becomes complete. There are a few fiction writers here like J.K.Rowlings, some non-fiction writers like Brian Wiess. Dame Agatha Christie too.

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I read to relax  PG Wodehouse, Empress of Blandings, Galahad, Jeeves, the fun and the laughter, of course I very rarely roll with laughter, but I can feel my muscles relax the Orbicularis Occuli going so relaxed that it is almost limp, and Orbicularis Oris relaxing that the corner of my lip takes an upturn. Not to mention Uderzo and his partner Goscinny with their series of Asterix and Obelix series, and Oompapa series too. There is  created by Brant Parker and Johnny Hart. Of course there is Shantaraj Aithal the Kannada writer.

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I read to escape. This is the most beautiful part, the tall dark and handsome hero from the Mills and Boons Series, the heart shaped heroines of Dame Barbara Cartland, the dashing cowboys of Zane Grey the Rebel Sheriff Sudden by Oliver Strange they are wonderful friends to have. I cannot choose between these.

What actually knocks me out is a book that, when I have done all reading it, I wish the author was a friend and I could call her/him up whenever I felt like it, that does happens quite often these days. I am going call Alan Machedo up and congratulate him on his book The Sultan and the Slaves.

this article is an excerpt from my NANOWRMO writing.

Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.
― Mark TwainThe Adventures of Huck Finn

Plagiarized  by Parwati Singari.

Indispire prompt:        which fiction authors book/novel do you like the most? Why?


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    1. 😦 aren’t all bloggers writers, Yes I have been a published author since the age of 13, few poems, in the backyard newspaper, then short stories in Kannada then technical paper in dentistry and theater and some short stories here and there.

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