Touché – Its Clichéd

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Touché  it is a cliché  used so often that it is no longer original, or interesting…elementary isn’t it Watson, when something is so commonly used in books, stories etc it no longer becomes effective. By the way that in itself is a cliché.

Like the paradigm of exception to a rule, it is a cliché that most clichés are true but then like most cliché’s that cliché is untrue.  Cliché’s can be quite fun. That’s how they get be clichés in the first place, and they work. The reason why clichés become clichés is that they are hammers and communication in the toolbox of communication. Their pathway of efficacy is that they appeal to the collective unconscious. They are the PacBell’s Cannon in D of writing something familiar that talented can riff off to create a familiar work. Clichés also remind us and reassure us that we are not alone and that others have walked this ground long ago.

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An average good orator or writer becomes a great writer or orator when he or she can make the cliché work again.

There are the cliché characters that we all know the Irish cop, the prostitute with a heart of gold, the writer with drinking problem and so forth if I were to Indianize  this I would go with the Ramu-Kaka the household help, Dai-jaan the nurse, Rahim Chacha the Muslim messiah of the Hindu house, so and so forth. Clichés often exist for a reason, of course and sometimes it’s okay to use a tried and true character. But not always. Though populating our stories with only stock character would take away the reason from anyone to read one tale over the others,  re-inventing the stock character convincingly would be a challenge, just look at what Amish did.

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Clichés, stock phrases adherence to conventional, standard codes of expression and conduct have socially recognized function of protecting us against reality that is, again the claim on our thinking attention that all events and facts make by the virtue of their existence. One of the cliché platitudes we heard was “words failed.

But words are failing us at all. it is not true that there was no way to describe our experience. We have plenty of language to talk to each other about the horror of what is happening and talk we do. If there is a communication problem it is that there are too many words. They are far too heavy and to specific to be inflicted on others. if something is failing it is functionality of routine, platitudinous langue – the comforting clichés are now inapplicable and perfectly useless. We instinctively protect others from the knowledge we possess, we let think that words failed because we know they do not want to be familiar with the vocabulary we use daily. We are sure they don’t want to know what we did, we don’t want to know it either in reality.

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There are some things I could  pass on to you, through the tragedy I mined, and in the process I undiscovered, life altering absolute I have not done so, so far, like the cliches apply — People Are Count Life Is Precious, Materialism Is Over Rate, And The Little Things Matter, Live In The Moment – I can repeat them to you ad nauseam, you would of course listen to them may be with a polite stifled yawn but you will not internalize them…Tragedy hammers it in, right into you…Tragedy etches it into your soul, You may not be happier but you may be better and definitely wiser.


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