Shooting the pedestrian.

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It is not If could create a TV show it is when i create a TV show.

When we were growing up, I remember my grandfather saying, ”religion is the opiate of the masses,” I did wonder what it meant. Today, it would mean Karl Marx was sadly mistaken and the new opiate is Television.

The television is real, it is immediate and it tells us what to think and blasts it in. it must be right, simply because it seems so right. It rushes us on so quickly to its own conclusions that our mind does really have the time to protest.

The super-naturalists that we see on screen, if they really had the powers they claim they had, they would win the lottery every week, this is the general suggestion, I would like to think that since they are operating from physical forces hitherto unknown to human sciences they ought to receive the Nobel price, for physics or physiology. Either way what on earth are doing partying by turns on television…. I mean it is okay to be open minded but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.

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write over weekend badge.

“Most people gaze neither into the past nor the future; they explore neither truth nor lies. They gaze at the television.”
― Radiohead

To be fair its not a total waste of time, there are lot of informative programs, it upholds the cow-belt tradition of woman’s place in the kitchen. Think of it, the unique matriarch of the south is being replaced by the docile women, who wields power only when she becomes a mother-in-law a widowed matron, a young widow we know in the true cowbelt style, i.e. the new-age nationalistic Indian style wears white and merges with the walls and furniture.

scooters against the flow of the one way in front of Mustifund aryans

The show with begin with green pristine land of Goa 25yrs ago. The near empty road, the absence of crazy tourists. The roads were narrow but accidents were less since there were no mobiles to speak on and people took cognisance of traffic. One paid attention to where one went, and tried to keep other roadsters informed where they went. Of course there were vehicles in front who guided the vehicles behind with appropriate gestures called the traffic signs, so it was a community or rather an elephantine herd that travelled to keep everyone safe.

The trees were then knocked off to make wider roads, so more vehicles, and rasher driving, in came the mobiles, and other gadgets, but we did not evolve as we should have, neither did our education.

I would then walk my viewers through the school zone at Sharada Mandir Miramar, where irresponsible mothers drag their kids through the traffic, despite a pedestrian crossing bridge, many other such places.

In puts from the trauma centre at the prominent hospital how many men at the road pop, how many those maimed? How many dead and how many handicapped.

pedestrians walking on the main road while the footpath lays vacant.

Then would be a walk through the town where footpaths are encroached by vendors and vehicle parkers, and the roads are invaded by pedestrians. So we all happily break rules to the next accident and of course we always blame the government, the uncivilized Indian society… never mind we elected the government and we are part of the society and neighbour, and his dog.

It would be interesting to see what the cops have to say about this, other than, ”Goenkar ashi karinaa, yah sagle gaati lok marey”

Finally it would be interesting to invite the citizens solution to this, with Roland Martins chairing the discussion


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