Its not a mean bargain.. but value for money.

lufhansaPaisa Vasool.

This is a phrase that has its origin in Hindi. Though it is now all India in usage. Its about getting value for money, if not one extracts the value. Somehow, this implies a certain amount of manipulation, cunning at work.

Yet, term has manifests in different intonation, depending on the user. You can call it the bargain power. Something we learn from cradle up when our grandmothers, and neighbourhood Aunts bargain with the friendly vegetable vendor, or when cousin Kalpana smiles her way to that extra-accessory with her ghagra. You could call it the bargain power, like watering my drive way and drive a hard bargain to work… because gets great gas mileage.

Essentially Paisa vasool is the ultimate Indian idea of good value, not be confused with miserliness. Paisa vasool is a reassurance, which says the item is worth the price, and that I have not been cheated. It indicates the satisfaction in extracting every drop consumptive liquid from each paisa.  Like saying, “I am Joan Crawford, and I believe in the dollar, every dollar I earn I spend.” I have an addendum in return I ask for satisfaction then I call it paisa vasool…. with a smile. If I don’t experience loss, but neither I am satisfied then the Paisa vasool is spoken stoically.

When you wring the act of consumption dry and leave no discernible residue then you get the after-glow of paisa vasool. But there are times, when you want to say a venture was not a total loss, yet not profitable then it is paisa vasool too.

This ability to see utility in all its dimensions in any object and to not rest till every ounce of it is exhausted, could probably coming from a cultural memory of scarcity, than with real need for economy. It’s not about the amount spent but about getting value for what is spent that becomes important.

It could come from wanting to feel special, that smile that brought the accessory or the green chillies that came as an add-on with the veggies, is a secret pact, an understanding that builds a bond and brings us back to same vendor,

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For me paisa vasool would be my expectations are met, and by that I would definitely look and demand for these things.

  1. Space is fine, but I hope my legs don’t dangle in the air, I would fold them if they do
  2. Water, through the trip.
  3. Food that is palatable,
  4. There is a promise of better personal space and individual armrest if it is there yes that is paisa vasool.
  5. The promised slot for me to dump the sanitizer.
  6. Ear phone to shut of other noises.

These are what I would ensure to get my paisa vasool, and if I don’t I hope it is paisa vasool, that is not a loss  as it satisfies my primary need of reaching a destination.


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