CHAOS—can’t have anyone over syndrome hits


“Marathon tidying produces a heap of garbage. At this stage, the one disaster that can wreak more havoc than an earthquake is the entrance of that recycling expert who goes by the alias of “mother.”
Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing

“normal person’s weekly chore list:
1. clean kitchen.
2. clean bathroom.
3. clean entire rest of domicile.
cleaning impaired person’s weekly chore list:
― Dave Barryt

Mysterious musty odour, dust bunnies living with citizenship rights, pile of laundry, diligent segregated from another pile of clothes washed but not ironed.  Dishes have been promoted to science experiment or backyard penicillin farms…..

It is so overwhelming, being away for two months, I did not have to bother about all this, now to tidy up, to declutter, and banish.

I brew myself a strong cup of tea, and write on my white board…DON’T GET PEANUT BUTTER ON THE SHEET… this is the working list of cleaning impaired person.

allu arjunI am in absolute denial, but of course if variety is the spice of life, then freshness is the fuel of life, and this musty dusty morbid dust bunny land has drained the only way to set this right is to call in the cavalry.

I go right into the bathroom, rub in the Navaratna tail into my scalp. And get into my jean that has been abused, and an extra large cotton shirt. With my new cropped hair I definitely look Allu Arjun’s mother who is masculine disguise,

“Argon, ekadraa… we’ll practise the boogie boogie together.”

Put your right hand out, put your left hand out, in case I forget, we use a duster as aprop and shake it all about,

Twist your way, and twist your way up,

anushkaDo the boogie,woogie, and the dustbunnies … they gallop out. Can you imagine, leaning against the wall, to do the twist isn’t it a great way to clean the wall. Stand on the mop and do the chacha… Instead of  Equus africanus asinus my symphony I dub it all in Anushka Manchanda’s voice.   Still better…play  clean up room one, the floors, walls, and details. Take a breather, and replay the song. The beat the is excellent to keep a pace and 5mnts, of work three breathes of relaxation, the work seems so do able and pleasant.  Add dettol to the water before mopping.housefairy

I could finish it off by crooning…”I mop my floor with a wet cloud. My tissues are full of eye rain. Dinner will be served at breakfast. ”

Once you are done with kicking sweeping out the dust, the static energy and the dust bunnies,  its time for Anushka to sing.. this is the way we wash our clothes all on a  Monday morning, and Arjun practise your moves here, this one goes  a stomp stomp stomp here and a stomp stomp there, here a rinse there a rinse and where rinse rinse,,, old ma dragon had farm yee—yee-yoo. Okay we’ll let this one off, by using the washing machine.

With all this done take a walk round the house open the windows change the sheets, light the aromatic lamp.

Arjun, take a break Anushaka so can you while I go soak myself in a hot water bath.

“I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity Are you?


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