Me miss someain?

miss you#missme

Missing someone, is reverberating echo of everything beautiful about the person—the laugh, the song, the touch, the smell the power of the words and the constant shadow that lingers on as the perfect image in my memory, so who says the person is not in my space?

Why would I miss someone… because they are no more in my space physically? Looking at the various possibilities I have–

  • Physically missing—emotionally not
  • Emotionally missing – physically not
  • Emotionally –physically missing

If I miss someone’s physical presence, and emotionally not, then either the person is emotionally irrelevant or the person is still in my space get it? Like my father and my grandmother are both deceased, so physically not present, but each of my action my thoughts are guided by them, I sometimes still hear papa say something. When I really need to connect then I flop on to a chair like he did and twiddle my fingers in a particular pattern, this was very subconscious and I realize things would shift for me with this, so how do I say he is not in my space.

My daughters and mother are physically away from me, but I know that they are just a phone call away so they are very much in my space they are relevant too.

Then there are some relations who no longer matter in my space, so I don’t bother, sometimes I even unfriend them from my facebook account.

If it is the presence of a person physically with no emotional tags, like the need for a plumber who does not exist within the next 10km radius, then I call up the And get my work done. But yes I do miss the privilege of having a plumber’s shop at my backyard which we did have at Manipal.

If someone has moved out of my emotional space, then how does the person become relevant?  So there is no way I would miss the person.

Well finally the emotionally and physically missing, those school buddies that we have out grown when we meet our conversations seem to revolve round “do you remember” and after 20 mnts we don’t know what to converse about. Then we land up in the worst situation that is missing somebody, when they are right beside you, because you are looking for the 15yr old from High school and the person beside you is the 50yr. Old who is battling the corporate life.

This blog is written for the weekly prompt  on Indiblogger
This blog is written for the weekly prompt on Indiblogger

Honestly if I missed someone I would do nothing, because they are no longer in space physically or emotionally and have stopped being important, so I move on and hope that they move on too.  If they are clinging on to me, or are present in my space as entities and spirit that is when I need to go through addressing issues cleansing my space and having a proper energy exchange.


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