Rockit me twice…

Rockit me twice… and you had it

It was the 5th class reunion, Danny looked around, they all seemed the same, and it was talk, talk, talk the utter heartbreaking stupidity of words Danny wanted to just walk away. It was quite easy of course to fool some all time, and all people for some time, but fooling all people all the time that really needed skill. Danny thought, “Well I had faith in fools … my friends called self confidence.” It was as if he was walking down a dusty staircase with events from his four and half years at medical college neatly displayed.  That’s when Dharni and Jagdish walked in.

Dharni and Jagdish, the made for each other couple, the ideal pair, the couple that seem to be in pace with each other to vanquish the world with their scalpel wielding hands, the Surgeon and the Prosthodontist it could not get better.

Dharni  the Belle of the batch, had started out her college with Danny, the boy from South Africa father was a small merchant there, but it was South Africa.  Danny also was the teacher’s favourite the  Mr. Popular right from Dr.Jacob Abraham from the anatomy department to prabhu in the library seem to eat right out of his hands.  With him always was Jagdish, the quiet guy who had to drop a year because he had issues to deal with back home.

Jagdish, was quiet but quite stubborn in his own way, and that cost him his term in the first year, yet  when it came to patho-micro-pharmaic he always seem to vie for the first place with Danny his best friend   it is interesting how things are flowing in a straight line, and suddenly another point drops in, and we have a triangle,  this is not a rule made by any damn fool and minded by other fools, it was real.  But stark reality, and it hit Jagdish first.

bettyJagdish looked up at Danny, and recollected the early days, when Dharni and Danny apparently were a couple, but Danny had a smile for everyone and word for any one, Dharni wanted a slave with blinkers on.  Dharni talking to him, bonding to him was like a fantasy come true. Interestingly it was helping Dharni with her studies had given Jagdish the edge that he needed to inch past Danny to the first place. It was like a cycle, the more Jagdish helped  Dharni the better his scores got, particularly the vivas and the more Jagdish helped her, the more Dharni clinged to him.

The rest of the college had gossiped and laid bets on the odds of the relationship. But when Dharni found out that Jagdish was the son of Danny’s father’s partner then there was no going back, it all got clinched one night when a very drunk Jagdish, leaned towards her, resting his forehead against her, “Fool me once,” he had whispered, “Shame on you”. He then pressed the bridge of his nose against hers, his breathe burning the back of her throat. This voice was rough and furious, “Fool me twice, and I will out your  f*****g throat”  she knew  it was need, fear and fascination and she was hooked for life.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

For Danny… He told himself..Rockit me twice… sham oan me… so it was on guard for rest of life.


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