Second chance…did ye recognize th’ first?

image courtesy internet
image courtesy internet

Life can change in a second…

What if there was an undo button in real life?  One does not ask a medical practioner this question, and particular not so when the person also is a hypnotherapist. All the  same let me share what I learnt about second chances growing up between doctors and being a doctor myself.

Dr.S.N.Rao looked at the X-ray it was definitely a tumour.  Occupying three quarters of the cranial cavity. He looked at his patient she was 74yrs, he had to tell, her when of he did she went ballistic, a drama about how unfair life was, lot of self pity… that’s when he remembered another patient, same set  of symptoms, same age only it was 17yrs ago, when told Parwati Rao she had cerebral tumour, she had looked at him squarely  in the eye and asked,

“If I have understood you right ,you say three quarters of my brain is gone,”


“If you do operate on me I will survive for a year.”

“Of course it could be more than that,”

“Surgery would mean I lose 80% of my brain”

“Yes” he was not sure where this conversation was going but Parwati seemed quite collected.

“20% of my brain will be function, which means 80% is vegetating, all for another year, I will only be a nuisance to all concerned, ” now Dr.Rao was rather confused he did not know and nor did he like the trend.

Parwati was quite for a while,”Dr.Rao. Can you make the pain bearable?”

“Yes, but I will have to give you either Morphine or Morphine derivative”

“Listen doctor, from what you say, without surgery I have about 6 weeks with surgery about 6 months. I have had a good life, no regrets, I would like to go and thank my maker, so let’s not  opt for surgery unless one of your students can benefit from this. If the need arises I guess we use morphine, given my age and circumstances I don’t think we need to worry about addiction.”

Silently Dr.Rao applauded the woman, her pragmatism, was amazing. She looked at him and smiled,” that Dr.Rao is the power of meditation”

After that Dr.Rao made it a point to spend a while with her, each time he had to talk to a terminally ill patient, his conversations with Parwati kept popping up.

Sometimes, he felt like the last messenger of God, the person to whom people unburdened their soul secrets, things that they had dare not accept into their conscious mind, Parwati had told him,” Doctor, I have had a great life, I everything I wanted to achieve I did, and this is what I believe – that second chances are stronger than secrets, you can let a secret go, but second chance? You don’t let that pass you by. Many times you don’t realize that it is the second chance you only see an opportunity and if you the courage grab it, for maybe you did not see the first one. Or rather did recognize the first one. ”

When Narayana Dikshitar was dying, he had told him, “Remorse is a terrible thing to bear, son, one of the worst punishments in this life. to wish undone something you have done, to wish you could look back on kindness to someone you love, instead of unkindness – that is terrible thing, but know doctor that is precisely what I feel, if only I had appreciated the finer things in my son, and not pulled up for what he was not, loneliness would not have eaten into my life.”

indispireEach person confiding their death thoughts, seem to only re-enforce the fact that there are no second chances in life except to feel remorse. When he went into this state of morbid pensiveness, Parwati’s voice to seem to tell him,”Not your circus, not your monkey, you choose to heal, and heal is the journey of body mind and soul. Doctor, everything is a choice and with each choice we face the consequence and that is the only truth.”


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