At first secht.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

At first sight… it was as if they knew each other…. it was not those wonderful chemistry that chimed violins didn’t  play, yet the first time Krishna and Shama’s eyes met it was a deep bond a bond that had brought them together, it was friendship.

“What did you think of him, isn’t he cute, those eyes they are so dreamy” Susan was gushing, while Krishna was the latest in Susan’s head count, or maybe it makes sense to say heart count.

Shama’s mobile flashed, and the dial showed Krish,

“Hi, Shama can we meet?”

“What’s up?”

“I’m not really sure,”

As she waited for Krish at the library counter, strange thought Shama, as students they had walked through this corridor, while Krish dated Susan, then there was this great fight as Susan moved on to Tony, Willy and finally married Jerry. While Krish himself had dated Gauri, eventually got engaged to Rema of the famous Haridas jewellery chain, the engagement broke in a week, an year after that Krishna had married Radhika of the Raghu’s Restaurant chain.  Eighteen years of marriage and two children later at 53, Krish was back getting out of a messy divorce.

“Why me Shama, you are a women tell me what’s wrong with me, why don’t women stick to me,”


“say something…”

“What next? Forget relationships for a while, what about the custody of the kids?”

“Kids don’t want to leave states, and they are cool with divorce”

“Okay what next?”

“You are counsellor can you help me?”

Now this was a catch 22 situation,

“No I cannot, I will find it difficult to be object, all the same since you are Chennai, I’ll refer you to Dr.Vijay Nagasaki.”

Krish called up the number that Shama had given, and here he was to talk to Dr.Nagasai, on the face of it Vijay appeared to be in his 60ys. Quite collected and he just listened to Krish, without realizing somewhere along the conversation Krish found himself talking a whole lot of things that he had not spoken before.

Very slowly Dr.Nagasai, looked up and told Krish, there is an embedded memory in your body that is not letting carry through your relationship, would like to deal with it?

For moment Krish was taken aback, he was always told that to psychiatrist the point of view of the client was right. While here was doctor, was not taking sides, he was just telling me that there was something he had to do right before going ahead.

“But don’t you want to talk to my wife?”

“I would, may be at a later stage, as of now we’ll strengthen you up.”

That sounded more like it.   A week later,

“Do I have the permission to work with you Krishna?”


“How are you feeling?”


“Are you sure you want to resolve the issue?”


“Shall we redefine the issue, that you would like to resolve any reason within your subconscious if it is sabotaging your relationship. ”


“Okay take a deep breath, and visualize that you are in a place of your choice, a place where you are happy and contentented, when you have reached there give me a nod.”

Krish felt himself nodding,

“As I count you from 5 to zero you will go down in your own mind till you reach a safe place……” the procedure went on for few minutes, when suddenly Krish realized he was back at his school.

It was raining outside, and the boys had just come in, “how old are you?” asked a voice from a distance, Krish realized he was 11yrs old and it was his second year in the hostel, he had become a resident scholar at the age of 8yrs..

It was raining again, and boys had decided to play call the spirit a game where the spirit of the dead was invoked. The lights had gone off, and the boys were playing with candle light.  The game went on, they had all sorts of questions coming up from someone’s girlfriend,  a teacher’s romance,

“Hey wait a while I’ll just go to the restroom”

“Make it fast”

As Krish went to the rest room there was hollering thunder and flash of lightening the candle went off.  On his way back the corridor seemed dark and Krish could feel someone else in the corridor, he entered the room where they were playing and the head count seemed okay

“Who is there?” the voice came from far away again

“I’m not sure”

“How old are you Krish?”

“11yrs I am in the hostel”

“any other energy that does not belong to  Krish please come forth,  Krish are feeling anything?”

“Yes tremendous pain in the head”

“what ever is causing the ache in Krish’s head please walk in”

“I see a woman” said Krish, ”Do you Know her?”


“Who are you and why are you in Krish’s space,”

“Well, the kids called me, and didn’t send me back, when I saw this boy fall and his aura weaken I thought it was a good place to be.”

“Okay, so how has life been? With Krish”

“Good, until he brought those other women”


“I loved him and took care of him, so why does he need other woman?”

“But how long will you be here don’t you want to move on?”

When the session was over Krish felt like he was on a rollercoaster ride. But lot of his actions now made sense his only homosexual experience which he felt very guilty about, His inability to be committed to a relationship all of it. His instinct for cookery and his almost obsession with keeping a clean house as compared to all his colleagues bachelor apartments.

An year later, Krish was back with his wife a lot of issues resolved.


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