After the Ball…

image courtesy internet
image courtesy internet

I switched on the light…

The corridor was dimly lit, and the house had a musty smell, a smell of dust and memories settled.  Slowly I walked in, opening the door to the right, the table chair intact but dust settled on it the astrologic chart in place. Unable to take in the smell I entered the room on the left that lead to the balcony and threw open the door, the drizzling rains did not matter, all I wanted to do was to expel this smell of dust, and damp clothes.

I wonder Cinderella must have felt when she returned from the ball, where she was the star, to the musty house with mop waiting, dishes to be done and breakfast to be cooked. I know in real life, when you return from the ball there in dinner to be cooked, laundry and dishes to be done.  The ongoing battle with dust bunnies and clutter Kings does not seem to cease.

Of course there is a way out, a simple one, turn the light off, shut and door and walk off. Or the tougher one, where one picks up the broom, and just sweeps everything clean. Be very ruthless and let go of the past, the things in the closet that we don’t wear the books in the rack that are no more read. That I guess is called moving on, in life.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

Maybe a great thing to do is pick a bag and say you can only keep what fits in the bag and all the rest go out, it would be interesting to see what is that we would keep. The flylady recommends we do a monthly 27 fling that we throw out 27 things that do not matter to us any more. If we are still clinging on then we have a 6months box that is put things in a box and at the end of six months everything unused in that box goes out. That somehow seems more doable.

The usual excuse for clutter collection is “I shall give to the Kabadiwalla.” But abhi Olx hai naa, or bhej quickr… ho befikar.

Excuse me while I find the room freshener.


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