Mamma Mia … a massage is called for..

image courtesy Internet
image courtesy Internet

I am all of 50yrs, and my mother is 71yrs, if you are looking for the prototype of Nirupa Roy kindly move on, my mother still wears the supermom cape. She is the immediate past president of Rotary club of Udupi Manipal, who has given up addiction to crossword for addiction to Sudoku. She drives like her butt is on fire, and is absolutely no nonsense.

When I look at her I wonder that if evolution really works how come my mother have only two hands. Her rules were very simple, “momma knows best” I don’t refute it, though I did rebel, now that I am a mother to two young adults, I simply say momma knows best, that is my mother. She is their friend philosopher and guide. It is nice to see the great equation that they have.

Her routine is quite the six point agenda is full on, currently she is still eyeing the trip to Aurora Borealis, and here is how she balances her day

  • Physical exercise — morning walk on the Palla—with other senior citizens, bird watching of the feathered and the non-feathered kind thrown in.
  • Family – Handling two grand-daughters, believe me they go shopping with her and not me, or their friends.
  • Spiritual – crosswords, and Sudoku, random travelling.
  • Social – Rotary, Mahila Samaj, numerous engagements, weddings, and dinners and other do’s.
  • Fun is all the above.

With a heavy schedule like this run at the rate of 75 km/hr. Speed of activity you can imagine the amount of energy expended. At the age of 73, repair, rejuvenation and relaxation are absolutely mandatory.

She really enjoys is a one of us running our fingers on her scalp. This is the only way to get her slow down, and head to repair and rejuvenation.  By and large my mom, loves coconut oil warmed up sometimes I did throw in camphor particularly if I massaged her back. All the same, the aromatic parachutes components seem great, — Lavender a fragrance that is my favourite, it’s quite versatile; it relaxes the body and cleanses bruises. Then there is the Rosemary that energizes, it helps to overcome fatigue and brings in alertness. Finally Bergamot that adds a tang of citrus.  The oil should work well.  Though I would like to share my own massage technique, for my mother a more time effective one is shared by parachute.

There is family which is joint family and the tradition of the family is that the elders of the family massage the head of the kids, every night, TV and mobiles off, during that half an hour or one hour the entire family is together there is exchange of the day’s event, and sharing this builds a wonderful bond. The kids then massage the feet and back of the elders.

DSCN8317My mother has this bit to add, mothers are not worriers, but are concerned, and if a mother is going to get so hooked on the halo of the martyred motherhood, she is going to destroy her child and herself, a mother would really be doing good for kids if she keeps her pace and identity, yet care for the child and let the child know that she is there for the child. She should have the faith in her child’s ability enough to let the child experiment and be there if the child needs support —- and mind you , young mothers is the input of a 71yr. Old who is a mother to two 50 yr olds, and grandmother to  four kids between the age group 23yr—13yrs. And a teacher to 700 odd primary kids, and 400  nursery teacher educator and 50 yrs primary school teacher educator.

Essentially what I am saying is she knows her job so take her suggestion seriously.

I’m blogging about why my mother needs to de-stress with a Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil massage for the #StressFreeMom activity at BlogAdda.

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  1. Shammi your write upmis really SUPER and the photo is equally super. Knowing the person you are talking about for 35 to 45 years I absolutely agree she needs to de-stress……

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