Zen and the art of handbag optimizing.

image courtesy Asus homepage.
image courtesy Asus homepage.

Remember the duck back bags that we all carried to school, the one that looked like the postman’s bag only it was water proof, well my work bag looks something like that and to be frank so does the work bag of most people, we tend to carry a separate “laptop” bags, to this add in your fancy handbag that contains your wallet, dairy  visiting card, not mention  a book to read in between the waiting period.  Most women tend to double, my bad, sometimes men too tend to double grocery shopping with outdoor work. How does that sound?

When one does travel outstation along with the suitcases the laptop bag again, handbag too. Once we do get into our mode of transport, finding the charging point for the bags the next issue   with the current improved communication mode the handbag has an addendum the telephone, my personal must have is a camera simply because I never know when I find an interesting picture to click.

I did try to eliminate the dairy, and notepad bit by using a notepad that doubles for both, using walleteer’s  walleteers are Avery card sized cards in which I note down specific work and of course I have qualify that I shall get back to confirm on the appointment, many times I have goofed up on it.

I have this innate need to look different from others with a bit of style thrown in  but with standard “conference” bag kind  of laptop bags separate bag for my “mobile” I am kind of harassed.

When I did attend a citizen journalist program, we taught how to use our phones to click those one of the moment kind of pictures. I did have a data cable that helped me transfer the picture. All was fine; camera went off from my heavy baggage.  The rest of it still intact.

I can pick a smart phone from anywhere, but the issue is I need help to get going on using it.  I want a company that has a customer care that will support me in a language that i can understand and not rattle of in Hindi without pausing for breath.

I listed my requirements—

  • It has to primarily be a telephone.
  • I must be able to read my books that are it should support any e-reading application.
  • I must be able to open word, or power-point on my phone.
image courtesy Oriflame collection
image courtesy Oriflame collection

I remembered when I wanted to buy my Laptop, Asus was the brand that was recommended, though I did pick up a Lenovo for other reasons. Then when my daughter was picking up a net book, it was Asus again this time round it was vouched for by my brother-in-law who was using it. Now that I am researching the phone, the final tie is between Lenovo and Asus again.  Right now it is advantage Asus, I am waiting to experience the Asus ZenFone 2  matches most of my requirement and make my final investment.

For those of you who would like to check the product out please do at   http://www.asus.com/Phones/ZenFone_2_ZE551ML/.




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