Ah choose tae start haur.

Moto-e courtsey internet
Moto-e image courtsey internet

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”
― T.S. EliotFour Quartets

I can remember my grandfather turing in crossing the playground carrying the scooter with him; we played with it, in fact generations of kids played with it, till almost 10yrs ago. But the picture of my grandfather walking across the playground has remained unaltered.

So many first that stay with us for all eternity

Like my first patient and pink sandals, with a maroon teddy bear bow, she refused to sit straight see she was all of 3yrs and dying of cancer.

First time I held my daughters.

When my daughter joined school it was the last day of school, for the first time five of us young mothers decided to take the kids out for lunch right after school, to quote the kids there were no, “papa log” it was only mama’s, the children were so excited it took them three days to decide what they wanted to eat, I remember the kids sitting around on the high stools, six of them, six mothers, and the kids having purl with Thumbs Up! None of these can be replaced.

My first mobile was bought out sheer desperate need because my daughter was stranded and there was no way she could reach me, though her school had telephone I was not accessible.  Somehow I never connected to it.

Now almost twelve years later I am switching a phone. Because my daughters think I should upgrade myself.   The options they are looking at are Iris Lava and Moto-e I really don’t understand much of the technicalities, but techno-savvy husband and daughter endorsed by my techno-surviving daughter have a criteria.

  • Quad core processor it does more and faster—I am kind of confused, I need to do the punch so don’t I decide the speed. Then my daughter explained it was about processing what I have done.
  • All day battery, yes this is something that is really useful, considering I am likely to forget to charge if I don’t do it as routine, like 4 am wake up, 6 am put the mobile for charging.
  • Again Android 5.0 Lollipop, again something I blissfully don’t understand I don’t dare ask either my husband or daughter why they have listed it as a criteria, after all as dentist, I am quite against Lollipops.
  • This I understand 8 GB memory with space for microSD card. That with external speakers will take care of the music for my mudra therapy classes.


scooters on the footpath for Pedestrian woes.
scooters on the footpath for Pedestrian woes.

What do I choose start using my Smartphone with?

  1. Of course the notorious, selfie, and maybe I shall finally have a whatsapp. With a display picture…Oh…I mean DP that makes me look like one of that ethnic NSD Diva’s.
  2. After that I need to take a 3G connection, my daughter says, all that I need to do is to upgrade my pack to a net pack, and BSNL she says keeps the phone and net packs separate.
  3. My first project—would be using the mobile, it offers 4.5’ qHD screen which is sharp and take a walk along the town, documenting the woes of the pedestrian, which is the theme of my book and blogs for the next NaNoWrMn in 2015.
  4. Then the visuals of the puppeteers, so much more, without having to worry about carrying a cumbersome camera.
  5. That would me, I train myself to click good pictures on the mobile and transfer them to the PC. Or learn how to directly insert it into my blog and share it.

I might have to pick up the Power pack Micro that is an accessory with Moto-e just in case I forget to charge the mobile, this goes on to the key chain and works as an emergency backup.

The most important thing I choose to do before I choose to start with Moto-e is to learn the mobile hygiene,

There are 5 ways which can help us keep the mobile bills due to excessive data use down.

power pack micro-image courtsey internet
power pack micro-image courtsey internet

Disable unnecessary push notifications— push notifications are promotional s that are pushed and are really not relevant to us,   the tendency for these is high when we use interactive apps such as social media networks and messaging services. The phone offers ways to fetch mode and disables push mode.

  • Tracking data use—it tracks the data used by apps and allows us to identify the ones that eats up the data allowance. We can even disable the background data transfer.
  • Disable auto download on WhatsApp. In the form of pictures, videos and audio. We incur data costs even when we receive them. the ideal thing to do would be to enable auto-downloads of audio or video files only when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Watching videos or streaming music, is also expensive.  The best way to handle this I am told is to have a paid plan of a music streaming service and sync our songs when connected to Wi-Fi. Apparently You-tube also allows temporary down load of music videos that is valid for about 48hrs.
  • For those of us who read a lot of articles on our phones—this is a potential I plan to explore—I was told enabling compression on the mobile browser is a good idea. Apparently Google Chrome offers a reduce data usage setting to make the size of the web smaller and it uses the Google server to do so.With this I should be Go…G0…Gone mobile.

This post was written for  http://www.startwithmotoe.com/


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