Can we have traffic Hygiene

scooters against the flow of the one way in front of Mustifund aryans
scooters against the flow of the one way in front of Mustifund aryans

These are links that were sent by Goacan. Each time there are spates of accidents, brouhaha occurs. We start pointing fingers at the failing police system. But is it only the responsibility of the police to ensure that there is a semblance of decorum in the traffic.

Accidents are accidents; they could be because people are speeding. But in most cases it because neither the traffic nor the pedestrian is organized.

Look at the footbridge near Sharada Mandir which is mean for walking over, how many people actually use it, zilch people still rush through the traffic.

Small gaps between the dividers the two wheelers wriggle through them instead of going around.

One way’s specially the isthmus between AB road and 18th June road is never honoured. When parents who are piloting their kids break the rules then what do we expect the kids to learn. Mothers, triple park when they are there to pick their kids, chauffeurs who break parking rules are so foul mouthed that one actually gets bullied.

The other day I was at canapé in Miramar, a beautiful place, they have decent parking area and an idiotic security guy who mans it. He is seated under the mango tree deep in the recess of the parking lot.

scooters on the footpath in front of canape
scooters on the footpath in front of canape

Right in front of canapé four scooters were parked. Later in the evening there was an Innova parked there, occupying the entire footpath.

If vehicles are parked on footpath’s the pedestrian is forced to walk on the road, so what accident prevention are we talking about. Customers of canapé, like the parents of Mustifund Aryans bully whoever tries to object. The police of course are understaffed, so how do we deal with this.

Here is something that Hyderabad police did.

During the common wealth games, people would click pictures of the traffic offenders and post them on the wall of Delhi traffic police on

Hyderabad police have come up with this mobile app.
Hyderabad police have come up with this mobile app.

facebook, this helped them nail lot of culprits. Delhi traffic now has very efficient system through which they nail traffic offenders.

Before anyone retorts on the general crime rates, I am talking about the traffic awareness, and civil society responsibility to pedestrians and other motorists. Other crime s deserves blogs of their own.

Can the elite society of SUV owners learn basic etiquette? Can we as a civil society be a little more responsible about these small things?

The Bangalore RTO now cancels the drivers license of  anyone who violating parking rules or traffic rules.

Can we do our bit before we point fingers at the cops?


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  1. Great article Parwati. This is also a huge problem in Mumbai – the traffic has gone to the dogs 😦
    I just hope things change, but that will only happen when each one of us makes it his personal mission…

  2. our callous disregard of traffic rules is shocking, more than 130000 people get killed annually, and it is the least priorty area with everyone, including for the person who would die next moment

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