Disguise. Absolutely top hole – I have to say.

disguiseIt was one of those peaceful evenings at kingdom of Matsya. All the other workers had gone off to their wives, it was just Ashwapala, He and his brother seem to live in the stable.

“I just want go home to my wife away from this stench”

Ashwapala smiled to reply,”Devala, the perfume was first created to mask the stench of foul and offensive odours,”

“Spice and bold flavouring were created to mask the taste of putrid and rotting meat” added Vrikodhara, the royal chef.”

“What then was music created for?”  Enquired Brihanala the eunuch from the women’s quarters,

“Maybe to drown the voices of others, or the voice within ourselves” everyone laughed. It was sundown and everyone went their way.  It seemed only that it was only a Purnima ago that they were discussing,

“Now that the 12years of exile are over, where shall we spend the year incognito?

Uncle Vidura has suggested matysa. But how will we go there without being recognized.

The oldest of the Pandava princes Dharma Yuddhistra decided to go as Kanaka to the court. For he had no other skill. However from being the jester, he became the Kings companion who played chess with him, and also an informal advisor.

Bhima Vikrodhara, had become the royal chef, hence his suggestion on cooking.

Partha Savyasachi the eunuch and Empress Panchali Draupadi the queen’s attendant.  But it was the twins,

“You can darken your eyes”

“Why would I need to” asked Sahadeva,

“As part of your disguise, I think it might be a good idea, “

“My disguise?”

“Yes brother, disguise, a noun describing a means of concealing someone’s identity. Often used by clowns and spies. And now apparently prince’s in exile. Good God, can things be normal in this family?”

“So how are we going to disguise ourselves?”

“Brother Dharma says if one is trying to fool a farsighted man or dim-witted person, a veiled facial disguise might be enough. But here the entire person must be different.”

“Nakula, is that why Dharma is going a gambler?”

“Not gambler Sahadeva, but the court jester.”

“Well twins, what have you decided?”

“Oh! Very simple I will go as Sahadev, and Sahadev would go as me, after all no one really knows the different. ”

“I fear if grandfather Vyasa would even remember us as Madriputras… he like always might just finish us of with Pandava’s younger than Arjuna.”

“What about our wives and children?”

“Well we were forgotten at the Swayamvar itself. So I guess it is only about Panchali.” They had all laughed then. But now a year later the realization struck, that they were no more, in disguise they had become what they pretended to be ,forgotten was their Royal life, forgotten was their training, forgotten were their years in exile, they had just transformed to what they pretended to be.


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