My Craziest Expression Of Love….

DSC_1268 My Craziest Expression Of Love….

I feel so unromantic when I think of my great grandfather’s love story; this was at a time when owning a bicycle was a rare thing.  Dr.Madappa Hande a civil surgeon went to have his bicycle repaired and he fell in love with the gentleman’s beautiful daughter. {} well, though tame I am talking about the early 20th century things were definitely different then.

Then was the love story of my grandfather’s younger brother. Anantha-ajja as we called him was one of those rather intense young men, extremely well read. That I should confess without humility is a family trait.  He was posted at Penkonda as the agricultural officer.  Rama was the spritely Andhra girl who lived in the same locality. The elders of the village thought it would be a great idea to get them married. The formalities quickly attended to. On the “D-Day”  my grandfather’s family went from Udupi to Penkonda and when girls family saw this crowd they refused to let the wedding take place … the issue was serious, there were no women who had come to attend the wedding.

Anantha-ajja was not a man given to dramatics; he withdrew into a shell refusing to get married at all. Two years later, when his brother decided enough is enough and had a heart to heart talk with him, he confessed that he would marry only Rama. But the hitch was they could not print the cards with the same bride and groom’s name some social hindrance. So Rama was rename Manorama, and she wed Anantha-ajja. This entire drama of having to overcome parental disapproval or social hurdles they are non-existent too in my love story.

After these dramatic episodes, my story seems so lame.

I called my husband up and asked him, what is the craziest thing we did? More specifically I did, he endorsed what I feared…

7th August 1989, I was the junior most doctor in the hospital. Two senior doctors reported sick, the senior most was attending to an emergency and I had to handle the schedule of the three along with mine. A young man walked up me and curtly asked me if I knew how to see the time, well, few tears later his appointment was reschedule.

BlogAdda-Banner-Creative1Four silver fillings, three root canals, two extractions, later (this treatment was not his personally, but it included family) we did the craziest thing… We decided to get MARRIED!!!

What astonishes me to date, its 25yrs now, we are still married and we are still sane.

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