The coronation

almsThe palace was thronging with festivity. The prince had arrived with his bride.

Dasharatha, felt old and he knew the time had come for the coronation of the prince.

“Rama, Narashardula the Lion among men Rama is the right choice for the king”

Somewhere there was a nagging doubt in Dasharatha, yet he went ahead and told his favourite wife, Kaikeyi, about the coronation. She was full of joy and she went out to give alms to the poor.

When she returned she saw her nurse Mantara, who refused her gift, “if you were the queen mother I shall accept gift the queen mother will be Kausalya”

“Mantara mayi, Rama is as much my son as Bharata is, don’t you remember that Rama always needed to soothe him when he was upset.”

“You stupid woman, you were used then, and you will be abused now.”

“Definitely not,”

“Think about it princess, it is not about you, it is about your son, this throne was promised by the king to your first born.”

“Mantara, the King is a Raghuwanshi he will not break his word, I shall ask him myself.” Declared Kaikeyi as she walked down the corridor, towards the counsel room.

She heard the voice of Dhirotamma, the kanchukiya of Kaikeya, who had come to Ayodhya with her.

“Maharaja, you cannot break your word, Ashwapathi, the Ghanadipati of Kaikeya, it was on that condition that he gave the princess in marriage to you.”

“Dhirotamma, Kaikeya is small Ghanatantra, while making Rama the king would mean consolidating the powers of Aryavarta after all the Kosala Kings is very powerful. With Rama as the King both the Kings of Ajodhya and Kosala will become stronger.’

“Mahamantri, this was not the tune either your king or you sang when you came begging for our princess”

“Well, Dhirotamma, that was then, more over it known that Queen Kaikeyi looks at Rama as her own son, and Bharat would never agree to being King when Rama it is the right of Rama to be King, this is the upbringing of the Kings of Aryavarta”

“Mahamantri, I now address  your king, your word was to crown Prince Bharat, if you announce Bharata and king and let me choose to relinquish the throne for his brother, I have no complaints, for now, all that I can see is … a lie uttered for selfish and cowardly reasons and that makes it dishonourable.”

Kaikeyi, slowly walked back to her quarters, mantara’s indignation and Dhirotamma’s words had left her pondering. Yes the choice to relinquish the throne should have been Bharata’s. The King had broken his promise to her father.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.
This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

She grew listless, and the finery she wore seem to wear her down, she peeled them all of one by one till she felt the burden lift.  Kaikeyi entered the hall of protest, and gloom.

When Dasharata heard of this he visited her immediately,”What is it my love?”

Kaikeyi looked at him with unseeing eyes and in a voice that was totally devoid of any emotions she declared, “I’m not upset that you lied to my father, or me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.”


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