Apology tae a guid lassie.

good girlDear Anitha.K.Urs

I hope I got that right.

Let me thank you for making me realize that I was judgemental, my reaction to reading your question was just to note the things that annoyed me.  I hope I learn from my mistakes.

I admit looking at your prompt, I thought, this boy needs a kick on his butt, I had generally morphed into a fire emitting dragon I think J.M.Rowling called it a Hungarian Hornbill. That apart, I realized you were a girl. The fuel now turned to, being a girl how can she ask such a question, that’s when I saw the sub-category it said prejudice.

By this time I had already had a profile of yours…a blaring visual of a that girl in the party, who would look at a short skirt and ask, “who invited her?” or maybe you are the one says, “I am not like the other girls, “well, I know I said it too, in a different context, my senstence ended with I create my rules, but what I am apologizing for is for assuming that you do not create your rules.

Now coming to your question, good girls, think about it,

What’s the worst possible thing that a woman/girl can be called?—if we are honest and not hold back the words are probably slut, whore, bitch, cunt whatever, now look at the worst things used to call a guy, fag, girl, bitch, pussy.(In full frontal feminism  Jessica Valenti uses a word called Mangina) does this tell you anything? The worst thing can call a girl is a girl, the worst thing you can call a guy is a girl. Being a woman/girl is the ultimate insult. Now tell me about good girls!

Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go anywhere, why good girls cover their knee, if in Islamic countries or northern India it is cover their head, obey their elders, and don’t talk back. When a boy does the same, he is a wimp, a sissy or mama’s boy, when a girl breaks the box, well she makes history. After all good girls don’t make history. The obey rules.

With due respect Miriam-Webster tells me that good is to be desired or approved of, it also means having required qualities of a high standard. While girl is a female child from birth to full growth, a young immature woman, assumed to be unmarried.

So that would make a good girl, a female child from birth to full growth, a young immature woman assumed to be unmarried, and who is desirable, approved of, and has qualities of a high standard.

indispireI had to take a stand then my good girl would be exactly like my daughters, someone who respects herself and is smart enough not to get caught up in what her peers think is cool. She is chooses to live her life on her terms. She is happy with life and knows where she’s going. She does not put others down in an attempt to make herself feel better but when she knows when to stick up herself too. In short she is someone who would have been called a “young lady” by Agatha Christie.


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