Reliving movies.

movieReliving movies…

I am not much of a movie person, I rather hide my nose in a good book. But yes there are some movies that are worth remembering. Change of attitude to movies.

Of course sound of music was one all time popular movie, as was its Hindi version Parichay.  With Raju Shreshta’s K- for Karliya.

The genre of Hrishikesh murkherji and Basu chatterji, .A very Wodehouseque  movie chupke-chupke  where Amitabh ‘s “Botany ka B” and Jaya Bhaduri’s”S—mere naam ke beech mein S hai” and her sister quick rejoinder”S nahi Ass hai,–tu  gadhi hai” these are small things that bring a smile on the face.

For a while I did flirt with the arty movies of Karanth- karnaad kind but it has always been the comedies that I enjoyed.

Though my mother insists that I would be so engrossed in the fight finale that I would stand up on the chair and choreograph the fight movie right through the sequence.

Though the storyline and rest of the paraphernalia of the Silsila kind didn’t really attract us much it altered my dress sense from the no nonsense jeans I graduated to the  china silk saris, with high collared blouses, when not at college open hair. Not to forget the pierced nose.

indispireThen I really went off movies until the recent yeh jawani hai diwani, there are movies I like watch now, just for the beautiful sarees that the heroine drapes and carries off elegantly like Bewafaa.

When I look back on the movie fad journey I made, the blatant kiddish ones, trying to be grown up arty one, then phase of discovering the bees and birds, with romantic johar-chopra movies, finally hang your brains movies. There are some eternally movies like chotsi bath,  and chupke-chupke that stayed.


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