loveI am love, so easily you have said write about love, did you even pause to think about what you will say, and you are not sure whether I am a noun or a verb.  Well I can transform into either. Before you pick up the pen to write about me, let me tell you about myself.

I am love, I am a variety of different feelings, may be state of mind, attitude. I can range from interpersonal affection, like the love you have for your mother, to pleasure, like the meal you enjoyed, or an emotion, sometimes I come to your life like a strong attraction,

Let me share with you one such time, when I decided to enter the life of Chitrangadha the princess of Manipur. She was so blissfully unaware of the complexities of male and female, to her, love was her great attachment to her land and people. Though she had one ambition, to win a duel with Arjun the archer of the Pandava’s from the flat land along the river Ganga. I was very present in the life of Chitrangadha in my form of human kindness, compassion and affection, yet- she never had experienced me as a strong attraction and the emotion attached to it.

One day on a hunt she met the very man she wanted to duel, Arjuna the Pandava, I decided then to shoot my arrow right at her and awaken the power of womanhood. So helpless she became in her passion for the prince that she sought to discover the woman in her for a year. She did wed the Kuru Scion, but then my true form in her could not be hidden for long, she was the compassionate, affectionate princess of the people of Manipur, — the unselfish, loyal and benevolent princess concerned for the good of her people was the true way that I was present in her and she emerged the winner her true potential realized.

Then there was the time when I took the form of Kama, again the lord of romantic attraction, and shot the arrow of attraction right to the heart of Shiva, the three eyed Lord so that he would be attracted to the beautiful Parwati, Shiva in his arrogance was annoyed, he burnt me down, but the folly of it all, for my work had begun, and as long as people feel interpersonal affection, or pleasure, or attachment, or even human kindness, compassion or unselfish benevolent concern for the good of another, I cannot perish.

Everyone has a love story, and all real love stories die with the people to whom they belong.

There times, when you want to say,”I love you, but…”

Yet the but takes away I love from that context, I could manifest in the same space but in a different form, if you have to choose between your romantic love and your love for your parents, then you are not choosing to love or not to love, you are choosing the form in which you want me to be present in your life. There are no if’s buts or when I am just there, and always. With no beginning or no end. I am a condition less state of heart. Not a feeling that comes and goes with the whim of emotions. I am in your heart as part of your heart…eventually grafting myself into each limb and cell of your body. I change your brain, the way you move and talk. I live in your spirit and grace you with my presence each day until death.

indispireWhen you say “I love you,but…” to someone, you are saying I do not love you at all, When you have truly made me an organ of your body, you are aware of my existence, you will realize, I give you the gift of being without fear, without expectations, wanting nothing in return. I always know strength, I know your vision, I know what you seek, and what you see, I am the spirit that gives you freedom and let you fly.

Remember the more love, the more love you have to give and I am the only true feeling you have that is infinite.






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