A fridge for the community.

plinky blogAkshay Patra, — food for all

To reduce hunger in school is great idea.

In this era of the great divide, there are people who in their own way contribute to the community. Though not sending food to schools.

Carasid, a bakery chain in Panjim has its version, their tag being sast-swatch-swadisht.  Sunil and Chris have their food delivered twice a day to ensure freshness. This is despite the fact that their food is geared for a long shelf life on refrigeration. They wanted to have food on the move.

Blogger Bhaskar Menon of www.UNdiplomatictimes.com, and Anuradha Goyal of www.inditales.com wondered how did they deal with left over’s, they said, they give it away. There are people who come for the takeaways.

I remember megabite a sister concern of Magson’s supercenter would send the left over’s to the government run old age homes.

Then there is this gentleman in the Middle East who has a refrigerator facing the road, where people can leave the excess food they have and anyone who needs it will pick it up.

One could argue that it not right to share the left over’s, but think of it excesses. Ensuring the quality of food is the good, is the onus of the donor and trust of receiver.

I know one senior citizen, who waits outside a restraint for the nightly give away because he likes the food cooked. When the food is given away the donors make sure it is not left over from anyone’s plate, but genuine excess.

Like the dabbawallah’s share my food sticker.

Isn’t it nice that there people like this around, someone who quietly lets the other human being have their dignity? It is not charity, but sharing.

There was this argument in the middle-class societies of Udupi, that free food given by the temple, and in the north at the gurudwara, rendered the people lazy they  did not bother to work since they got food anyway.

Another person commented oh! People pick this up so that they don’t have to pay. Deserving people won’t get it.

The way I look it, serving the community is the intention. The receiver has his karma to handle.


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  1. “The way I look it, serving the community is the intention. The receiver has his karma to handle.”
    Right, dont block the flow from you.

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