70’s the Generation Now.

the generation gapSeventies the new in-generation.

Vimala is just back from Rwandan Mountains, she had climbed the mountains just to view them. She flung her hands “Tarzan like chest pounding” her only regret, that she did not have camera to film it.

Sheila and Kasturi, did the Sikh trail, the Buddha trail and then went by road from Egypt to Jerusalem,

Roma and her friends went on their trail elsewhere. Philomena somehow did not want to join; of course she was happier with her dance class like Vijay was with her painting.

So what’s new do you ask? Every one of these women is in the age group of 65- 75yrs. Old.

When you think of women, that too over 70 what is the image that it conjures… those white sari clad, trouble makers of the family? Or is the picture one of an whining complaining scheming person?

Just shift the paradigm what we have here is a new generation of grandmothers, excuse me some of them are great-grandmothers. My mother used to say forget the era of working moms, it’s the era of working grandmas,

It’s never too late to start over!  Is their belief.  Most of these women are widows, their children would be happy if they moved in with them.

So what makes these women tick? Aren’t they lonely?

As they like to say it, they like their space and independence. Moving in with the kids would mean changing the rhythm for everyone. Moving to new place would mean finding new friends, new grocer, and new doctor. While being where they are, they Tuesday Rotary, Thursday temple and Saturday mahila samaj is in place. Not to mention the picnics and outings, the extended family outings.

Even when they visit the doctor it is just another form of socializing all of which will be disrupted and they would rather not do it unless they have it.

Kasturi aunty was mentioning about life in general, “don’t you find it odd,” that when you are a kid everyone, all the world encourages you to follow your dreams, but when you’re older somehow they act offended if you even try.

“All these years we had things to do and responsibilities to honour, it’s our time now.”

Actually there is a folk ritual among the tribal women of Mongolia, when a woman has been married for about 20yrs she there is an evening of singing and dancing after which the woman is symbolically released from the kitchen so than she can take her place in the society.

Next time you are tempted to believe Ekta Kapoor and her version of “Dadi/Naani” take a walk to BigBazar Kachigudha where my 70yr. Old aunt and my  17yr. Old daughter are shopping .


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