Taking Stock of the Aam Aadmi Awareness.

citizen journalistUs Indians, is this a trait unique to us, or is this apathy worldwide. We expect some vague govt. To take care of us, we scream our heads off the roof tops, flood the social media and take to the roads but how responsible are we as citizens? I am sharing a simple questionnaire formed by the Goa-Can or the Goa consumer education working group is part of creating a responsible citizen base see how many of this you know answers to and that kind of gives an insight to our own level of commitment to giving ours a more organized society.
GOA CAN Questionnaire for consumer awareness
Do not be afraid to admit that you do not know that’s when the process of awareness begins.
I wish to harness the POWER OF ONE to bring about the CHANGE I desire by CHANGING my attitude towards CHANGE. I will always remember if I am NOT working for the SOLUTION then I am PART of the PROBLEM.
Telephone number
Email ID
1. I have a landline ———- YES/NO my service provider is My consumer number is———- I pay my bill by cash/cheque/ECS through Bank/customer service centre/post office/drop by facility and I register the fault with this connection or I make my complaints on phone to—–
2. I have a mobile connection Yes/no. The maker of my phone is———- and the service provider is———-.
3. I purchased my two-wheeler———- (make) and helmet———- (make) and car (make) and AFTER getting my driving license I have re-read/not re-read the traffic rules. I have seen/observed accidents since i started to drive and tried/did not do something about these accidents.
4. I use bus route——– and Bus number no——–. Daily which has/does not have music played. It provides/does not provide tickets. Has/does not have conductors with uniform and the Bus Driver is with/without uniform.
5. I purchase petrol/diesel from Bharat/Hindustan/Indian oil corporation which I am sure is of good quality as I did a test to check the same pump on .
6. I have one/two LPG cylinder from Bharat/Hindustan/Indian Oil Corporation in my kitchen. And I get through cash and carry/street delivery/home delivery without a bill/with a bill and pay Rs. for the same. I changed the gas pipe in the year and the safety mechanical check on my equipment was done on .I am in possession of my subscription voucher. Yes/No I am also in possession of the domestic gas consume card and my consumer number is .
7. I have a PWD water connection and my meter is working/not working/ I pay my bill by cash/cheque/DD and fault/complaints are registered on phone number———- .
8. I get my power supply from the electricity department through pole No.———- I have an analogue/electric meter. My consumer number is———- and faults or complaints are registered on phone———- .
9. My village panchayat /Municipal council is——– and the sarpanch/chairperson is Ms./Mr.——– And my ward member/councillor is Ms./Mr.——-.
indispire10. I have attended my village Panchayat meeting at least once/never, my Municipal council meeting at least once/ never. Since I cannot attend the meeting my father/ mother/ brother/ sister/ husband/ wife attends the meeting and gives me report.
11. I have a savings account with a nationalized bank/private bank/scheduled bank/ co-operative bank/ credit co-operative society and I am aware that I can meet the branch manager on the customer care day which is on ——–every month.
12. I regularly visit my village post office yes/no
13. I have a cable TV collection yes/no for which i have paid a deposit of——— and pay a monthly fee of Rs.——– for which I have/get a receipt.
14. I have a ration card and I get a monthly quota——– of kerosene of at——— per litre.

I guess if this kind of puts us where we are in the transformation business.


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