My very own soap box

xammi- soap boxIf there is one habit of Indians that I would like to change what would it be?
It is none my of business, because the very religion that I practise teaches me to each his own let us individually together live this life. This is not utopia it is possible. This did exist before we became a country who equated a double door fridge is the door way to heaven… sorry for the judgmental sarcasm.
One area of concern, to me is our education system. I know people who we have exported to the country of Uncle Sam will tell us of the wonderful unique courses that are available there and not available here. But let me take a soap-box on this one….We have unique course tailor-made for the need of this country.
When I was about 10yrs old I remember this heated conversation at home, oh! So and so has to go to college, she can go to altu college or faltu college, though altu college is a better college she has got a course that is not very good i.e. as a girl she cannot carve a great career out of it, but she gets her subject of interest in faltu college. Even as a 10yr. Old I found it strange that someone was willing to compromise on their choice of subject.
8yr later it was my turn, of course my parents were a little more “modern” as long as I did not go to Kalakshetra they were okay with what I did. I did like the hospital it felt like home, but I was put off by gynaecology so I opted for dentistry with an illusion that I would have no emergencies to attend I share that woe another day. I compromised on my passion I realized later I was effectively manipulated, but I knew how to work round that one.
A year later another person in my circle…engineering at KREC vs medical at Bijapur… god two absolutely diverse subject. If the dilemma was because the person liked both I would say fine, it is a genuine dilemma, but here the person is “either is okay” eventually it was engineering at KREC in XYZ subject and hop to the software sea!!
This is a repeat pattern. The latest being the topper in Goa’s engineering group who stands second in the medical cadre, he did not appear AIPMT because he wanted to go for BSc. Mathematics he was very sure he would make it to IIT. He appeared the medical entrance exam at goa since he had paid for it. It essentially means the child was not interested in medicine. He did get IIT but it was Khargpur, now his parents do not want send him to IIT khargpur because it is far away from goa. According to them a BSc. From any other institute does not make sense it is below his status, so the boy has been packed to GMC for medicine.
My niece on the other hand topped science in Karnataka, all that she wants to do is a B.A. in psychology yet the pressure on her and parents is so much to shift her to “medicine” she can do MBBS and then go for MD psychiatry. But why?
The point I am trying to make here is twofold.
On one hand, we have good doctors and engineers we look at educational degrees as status symbols. We achieve this status through our children. Our focus has been so much on mark accumulation that we cut our children from life and living. If the child as much as errs to say engineering his torture begins in the 8th standard so that he goes to the right school, for the 12th the right tuitions. All this because some media hype tells you that IITians earn more, they get jobs abroad.
We have jobs, we have courses that train people for the jobs, but we have a society that does not take the trouble to find what the child wants, and where it is availed.
indispireWhen my daughter said forensics I called up the CID office at Delhi, and the director god bless his soul, explained things to me so well. The scope where she can go to the course and also why her decision made more sense than the usual MBBS-MD forensic route. As I
I honestly do not see, why a engineer-MBA is required at Bank, when a simple 12th standard accountancy student can function and learn the skills as he grows within the institution. Schools, boast that they B.Ed teachers teaching primary, hello, B.Ed methodology is for high school and not primary.
My concern is very are so fascinated by the degrees, and their social value that we overlook what they actually say.


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  1. High time we stop forcing our opinions & compelling kids to be ‘engineers & doctors’ or whatever we wish. That was previous IndiSpire Topic 🙂

    1. Maybe it was the last topic. From where I stand I would like to see a change in the attitude of the society in general to accepting different abilities and a multidisciplinary way of learning. Its not about engineers and doctors, it about freedom on choice, learning what is required and not random degree collection. It not about a higher degree is equal to greater efficiency or knowledge it is about accepting aptitude, attitude and experience also counts. If I have not conveyed this in my blog then my blog has to be trashed.
      We are still talking about Bad habits right, though I would not frame the question… our habitual equating of higher degree to superior intellect, and efficiency is what I am objecting to.

  2. Unfortunately, many parents try to make their children live their (the parents’) dreams. This results in ridiculous career choices being made.
    I only hope that these kids do not repeat the same mistake with their own kids.

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