Our Identity… Our attitude

changeI am not in the least bit interested in changing my fellow countrymen, yet I would like to see a transformation in our over all attitude to ourselves and our lives, lets call it reclaim our self respect.
Lets start with the minor thing called mother tongue, my Tulu speaking community gave up speaking Tulu because Kannada meant greater vista, my community has now shifted from Kannada to English because it means greater vista. I see this transition in many indigenous people to identify with the majority call it bringing indigenous to mainstream or call it ethnic cleansing we are now poised at a war between English and Hindi neither being the majority language.
Our stories that used to be our collective memory is being erased and we are talking Walt Disney’s Americanized tales from around the world, Chota Bheem might be a hero but he essentially talks American the only Bheem quality in him seems his voracious appetite I dread the day Bheem will squabble for his Pizza. Call this the Stockholm syndrome but it is there.indispire
We accept our culture history from our political conquerors we don’t listen to our vernacular stories which would have another perspective it would hamare kahani hamare zubaani. Yes we need to walk from this Raj created mish-mash and honour our ethnic diversity.
Our utter disrespect to ourselves, when we break rules, bribe the policeman, drive the one way spit on the road throw out a burning cigarette stub. Maybe we need to shut our internet for about 21 days and focus on where we want to go as a country?


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  1. We have taken up quite a lot from the West because of globalisation and accompanying changes. Inevitable. But we haven’t given up some of our bad ways like littering anywhere and everywhere, spitting, polluting our rivers… I wonder why we don’t learn those things too with the same zeal with which we learn English and accept McDonalds.

  2. Pride in our own culture is missing in India. But I feel, it should be taught at home. Make it meaningful in today’s context. No school, textbook, instruction manual is going to imbibe this. As parents, we should be the torchbearers.

  3. Rightly said.Charity starts from home and its the parents who can instill the pride for our nation and culture in children given that they themselves are not busy running behind the Great Indian American dream 😛

  4. Well said. i have seen Bengalis who were born and brought up in kolkata struggling to speak bengali, reason they studied in “English medium School” sadly the Hindi or English they speak is full of grammatical mistakes. Well guess they are speech retarded. Why we ape west no one knows.

  5. I used to wonder why and how we follow all rules when we are outside India, but break the same rules as soon as we’re back in India. After a lot of thought, I put it down to lack of self-respect. You’ve used a much more appropriate expression:
    “utter disrespect to ourselves”!

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