Who takes the call…?

RIPHere I was mulling over the prompt by Indi-spire I was almost in-despair when Sarah called to make an appointment.
As I spoke to her, I realize she was representation of the complexity of the question. Sarah was dealing with number of issues, the earliest one being a sexual encounter when she was about 5yrs old. Her partner being 7yr.old Shekhar, what Sarah’s conscious remembered and tried to forget that she was forced to have sex by a 7yr. Old boy. It hurt but what hurt more was her mother whacking her. Her mother whacking her made her feel like she done something unforgivable.
When put her into a hypnotic trance and asked her to go look at it from a detached point of view, what she saw was two kids playing and the game going bad, her reaction was more like loosing a fight with another child her inner self did not feel guilty.
Here is the paradox she felt guilty about not feeling guilty and pretending to be guilty when her mother was around.
In this context do we punish the perpetrator? More important who is the perpetrator shekhar or Sarah’s mom?
Then came an episode with Susan in the parish, now 6yr.old Sarah and 6yr. Old Susan (Susan had a history of emotional abuse) decided to play mom and dad, they latched the room, and Susan who was dad, used an ivory gourd, this happened a couple of times more, both Susan and Sarah liked what they did without really knowing implication. They eventually outgrew the game and today some 30yrs later both are married heterosexuals having kids of their own. Yet Sarah is torn apart with guilt with what they did.
She feels guilty and scared that she might be a closet homosexual. How scary is that, who is the culprit here? Is this a punishable crime.
The last episode that she faced was when she was 11yrs, she went for some dancing lessons, the teacher would squeeze her forming breast, this scared her, she told her mom and her mom fired her for saying dirty things about her teacher, and that Sarah, had proved she was dirty since she was the age of 5. This is not rape, as penetration but this is also violation. The 11-year-old child is scared. This case I think the perpetrator has to be given a lifer.
indispireWhen we talk about rape, we talk of an outside offender there are umpteen instances of family members raping the women. Many cases women have known their abusers and trusted them . http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sarah-beauchamp/my-rapist-was-a-sweetheart_b_5563459.html?ncid=fcbklnkushpmg00000046
In the western word sex offenders and pedophilia have a scary time. I am not very sure about the Indian jail.
Rape is an offense that requires capital punishment, but rape is not just tissue penetration. It is any physical or mental violation. But as long as we have movies and public figures that laud and justify this we have no business to declare a verdict.
Actually I think we should let the victim deliver the sentence.


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