Whose’s Character Mr.Moral Keeper…?

self righteous

Virginity should not be regarded as a girl’s character certificate

No,definitely not

All the same,this question that you have thrown reveals your mindset. Quit wearing this halo of oh! I am so progressive. I amazed that this question was even chosen by the indiblogger team.

The gentleman would like to know my take. Sonny my take is you need a kick on your butt so that you get off the high horse. What girl are you talking about? is it Your mother.. sister.. wife.. daughter why not talk about your virginity and its association with your character?

Ha!! The desirable virgin is sexy but not sexual. She’s young, fair, and skinny. She’s cheerleader a babysitter. She’s accessible and eager to please (remember those ethics of passivity!) she is never a woman of colour, of course in the Indian context sometimes she is very poor but most of the times she is never low-income, fat, or disabled. “virgin” is a designation for those who meet a certain standard of what women, especially young women are supposed to look like, as for how they are supposed to act—well a blank slate is the best description

It is an easy answer when it comes to women isn’t it? The morality quick fix. You can be vapid, stupid and unethical, but so long as you’ve never had sex, you’re a good ‘moral’ girl and therefore worthy of praise.

Hello buster we grappling with issue of girls being unsafe thanks to the predatory male and you want to bring this crap up?  Are you asking me how this is relevant? Are you for real?

So a little below the age of 5 gets raped – this guy wants a judgement on character buddy what about the predator?

For all of you who talk of the great  Hindu culture and talk of the evil of the west well traditionally the Indian culture had a principle where a woman could ask  any man for sex., if he did refuse then he would be sinning.  The change in the society came with Svetaketu who could did not like the idea of his mother being with someone other than his father. (If you have a problem accessing Sanskrit texts then kindly refer to the evil in Hindu thought a MLBD publication.)

Well the North-eastern states have an open society I stand corrected hadan open society before the missionaries came in with their “sin” concept. Her marriage was an independent institution while a physical relationship was accepted particularly after a follow-up of certain rituals. There were no illegitimate children for children belonged to the community. The level of woman abuse and sexual abuses where almost nil.

With the advent of the “puritanical” missionaries and cow-belt patriarchs there are minor changes in the society.  The more drastic effect of this is visible in the Assamese society.

If a masculine gender who attains puberty at 15+ has biologic needs so does a girl who attains puberty at 11+. Both their needs need to be acknowledged and addressed.

The concept of virginity as Sathyavati perceives it in Sharath Komarraju is an eye opener. “Being pure in thought and action. Being unafraid as long as your action has nothing immoral about them.”

So Mr. Condescending Halo quit asking crappy questions. Bother about your virginity, particularly in thought for your judgement is irrelevant.




5 thoughts on “Whose’s Character Mr.Moral Keeper…?

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  1. Very sad that you feel this way ! Blind acceptance of western values has led to decline in character , social values of today and a sense of propriety for a happily married life . When humans descend to the level of animals , give in to carnal desires without commitment , the concept of real love , belonging and togetherness goes for a toss . Forget Polygamy & polyandry , the case you are making , for ‘ open marriages’, group sex , live-in relationships present a scene where the word ‘marriage’ becomes redundant ( no botheration of calling someone husband /son/daughter , or registering the union ) . Men of course , will happily sow wild oats all around , take no responsibility for ‘home'(rendered meaningless)or hearth , do not care or provide – and will live free of all responsibilities , commitments , contacts and contracts . Women would have lost , by losing their virginity before a commitment – firstly lost respect , genuine love , and genuine affection of a male partner , secondly the security , safety and emotional strength a marriage provides , thirdly the financial support of a ‘husband’, fourthly the warmth , love and togetherness of a family and crucial help in sharing child upbringing . Go on – in the name of Women’s Lib , hug American values and shun Indian traditions . It is indeed sad that instead of protecting and supporting violated women , you are advocating a life of gay abandon for the new generation women of our nation

  2. Nicely written piece with a lot of truth in it. Your anger is justified & you seem to speak for womanhood in general.- yet, some ideas have been imprinted over a number of years. It will take time to change… no matter how angry we are.

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