Writing peaaar-tree. Absolutely top notch — I have to say.

poetBreathe – experience,

Breathe-out poetry—Mr.Bhaskar Rao had told us, quoting Alex J.Packer. I don’t know about that but definitely the world of rhyming words and using new words made me feel like I had some kind of a secret super power. My first poem was called “The Mirage” inspired by a painting exhibition. As I saw the painting titles it occurred to me that those paintings were paired and were two sides of a coin. I just remember one line “Hidden in within depths of equality, silent lies the power of equanimity” then came the Ode to the Magnolia, the Three hour of class.

I even tried my hand at Hindi poetry, though the teachers teaching Hindi just threw me out, asking me to focus on my science and math so that I could do something useful out of my life. It was left to Mr.Bhaskar Rao to groom us, he would throw a word at us, from which we picked a concept then found rhyming words that could gel with the concept and eventually write out the poem. From rhyming words we moved on to blank verse and eventually out grow poetry.  For the word “therefore” should not be a part of the vocabulary of a poet, but in my case it is the basis of all decisions, and thinking.

One could say poetry is the journal of the sea animal living on the land, wanting to fly in the air, going on a quest for syllables to shoot at the barriers of unknown and unknowable. Poetry could be a phantom script telling how rainbows are made and why they go away.

Look around poetry is everywhere, of course it needs editing. The day I realized poetry was prose bent out of shape, rendering it less powerful I shifted to prose.  At the back of my mind a question lingered how is song different from poetry, in my arrogance I concluded that song was Us People while poem was highbrow. It was then a literary doyen enlightened me,

  1. Both song and poetry are literary works that are characterized by the use of verses and rhyming words, which are created as a result of emotions experienced by the writer.
  2. Of the two poems are considered to be more in-depth than songs because of the presence of flowery words and figurative forms of speech.
  3. Poems are appreciated by the manner in which the verses are written. Songs are mostly appreciated based on the accompanying music and the manner in which a singer sings the song.

All this apart, G.K.Chesterton   is right when he observes poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.


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