Whaur shaa Ah gang?

traveller5 places that I would love to visit in this lifetime.

In books I have travelled not only to other worlds but into my own. After all not all wanderers are lost.

Anita is probably referring to geographic locations. But why does one go away at all? So that I can come back, so that I can see the place where I came from with new eyes and extra colours. And people see you differently too. Coming back to where is you started is not really the same as never leaving.

Actually geographic travelling for me is not going anywhere, but to travel for travel’s sake, a great affair is to move.  Such travelling is fatal to prejudice, and narrow-mindedness and many actually need this for just these reasons. Broad, wholesome charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegating in one corner of the earth all one’s life time. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

If I were a language student I would write volumes on this, but as a science student, I would just write bullets. Sometimes I would like to travel in time, and then I wonder like Stephen Hawking if time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?

Looking at nearer home, Istanbul pops us, it is made quite tantalizing by Ian Fleming where he talks of Bond’s impression of Istanbul, “from the first, Istanbul had given him the impression of a town where with the night of horror creeps out of the stones, it seemed to him a town of centuries had so drenched in blood and violence that, when daylight  went out, the ghosts of its dead were its only population” Constantinople the gate between the east and west, the start point of the Orient Express the capital of Turkey is something I really look forward to .

Samuel Beckett said, you are earth there is no cure for that, so attagirl, pack your bags and get set go to the moon, or mars.

indispireGreek Islands are not a bad deal either; however Cambodia and Angkor watt might be a better option. After all we did travel Thailand.

Sorting all this is travelling through my thoughts and believe me the terrain is so unfamiliar that I am getting lost. At the end day, travelling is different from sightseeing once we get that definition right it kind of sorts the whole issue out.


6 thoughts on “Whaur shaa Ah gang?

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  1. Wonderful take, Parwati! Loved reading your hat ke approach!
    Lovely to see we share a similar perspective!
    Nope, I was not necessarily referring to geographical locations in my idea 🙂
    Places can be anything! I have soooo many places on my mind that one post won’t do justice 🙂

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