The Road Ruler..

“Moroccan traffic isn’t like normal traffic. It’s armed combat, a war of wills, in which only the very bravest have a chance to survive.”
― Tahir Shah, The Caliph’s House: A Year in Casablanca

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DSCN7999 student parking in the car part after driving down the one way

3,505 road accidents registered in Goa till October 2013, of which 209 people died, out the 209, 127 were on two wheelers.

We scream our concerns for road safety, we have the road safety week from 2nd to 7th January candlelight marches, street plays, banners, seminars and god knows what but do people really care?

15yr. Old Gunjan is epileptic, a condition where one is not allowed to ride, her father is an army officer, she rides a two wheeler, with her sister on the pillion and her proud father declares I don’t let epilepsy stop my daughter. — If he wants to kill his daughter, or if she wants to commit suicide fair enough but she is a menace on the road.

A week ago three boys  on one single active zooming around hit a…

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