Th’ tortoise an’ th’ haur.

shammi plinky 9Th’ tortoise an’ th’ haur.

Once upon a time a hare was roaming near a lake, in a forest suddenly he saw a tortoise and mocked at him saying,” Hurry up you slow coach! Don’t you find life dull taking so long to cover a few yards? I would have run to the other side of the lake by now.”

The tortoise felt teased and dared the hare to a race; the race was to be through the wood to a fixed goal.

The hare agreed laughingly in a few minutes he was away and out of sight.

“What a funny race it is!” he said to himself,” I am already half way through. But it is too-too cold, why not have a nap in the warm sunshine?”

The tortoise walked steadily on and on. In a short time he passed by the sleeping hare.

The hare slept far longer than he had intended. When he woke finally woke up, he looked around in surprise, and said to himself, “not even a sigh of the poor tortoise anywhere so far: I had better trot along and finish the race.”

The hare ran to the goal. He was amazed to see all the animals cheering the tortoise that had arrived just a minute earlier. The hare felt ashamed of himself.

MORAL : slow and steady wins the race.

The teacher had timed her story well, just as she finished the bell rang.  The first graders broke for lunch. What was interesting was the conversation that followed.

“Can hares swim?”

“Why did the hare not use a timer?”

“Maybe he didn’t have a mobile, but why did the tortoise take up the race at all, he knew he must was slower.”

“Maybe Trewenley told him that the hare would lose,” for all those who don’t know Trewenley taught divination at Hogwarts where Harry Potter went to school.

“The Hare was a looser too, he didn’t race his equal, and he picked someone slower!”

The final take away seemed

  • Manage your time.
  • True show of strength is fight between equals.

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