Fly Oan Th’Dyke

plinky fly on the wallBeing a fly on the wall

So that  I could secretly be present to see and hear what happens.

That would be an art, but flies?

Have you ever noticed that flies are considered nuisance and people try to eliminate them, traditionally those “dhoops” were burnt fragrant dust sprinkled on to the amber cinders the raising smoke would smoke out all the insects.

Shaman’s would sniff the out the flies and use tobacco fumes to smoke them out.

The fly swatter they are even more dangerous. Amidst this fear and gut wrenching suspense of will be swatted or not, keeping a watch on a predators do really think a fly be it on a wall or  hall, or cowl would really listen or see?

If  the two-legged predator chooses to raise above swatting the fly what about that reptile that climbs the wall,  cold, soundless and whoa! A whip like tongue that pops out and traps the fly!

No sir, neither Sir Arthurian round table or any conspiracy would be worth this fear.

Look at this my way, if I see and know, then I see and know but if I don’t see or know then I can create infinite possibilities!


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