Stranger in a strange lain,

ImageStranger in a strange lain,

Visiting a new place what would draw me, food, architecture? People watching,

Actually a place that i would visit draws me to itself, for reasons beyond the feelings derived from the five senses.. some deeper bonding, felt through inextinguishable animal sensibility.

“Well i  love walking around ,grabbing a coffee sitting in a park and watching people, at the busy hour of any town. There are so many stories that are screaming simultaneously until, the town is singing a conversation of its own. Walkers are the practitioners of the cities, for cities are made to be walked. A city is a language, a repository of possibilities, and walking is speaking that language of selecting from those possibilities. Just as language  limits what can be said, architecture limits where one can walk but the walker invents other ways to go.

Just before you conclude architecture limits so it does not fascinate, architecture is not only about construction, it about creating wide spaces with small spaces.

Like a truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, a fine building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight.

For divinity is defined in space through architecture. And divinity to me is an experience.


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