moment of kindness

ImageHow would I describe a moment of kindness?

I don’t know.

Henry James says three things in human life are important: first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, and third is to be kind.

Somewhere being deliberately kind, would mean, being a little condescending, a little self-important? Sometimes even misplaced, like the act of the little boy who helped the butterfly out of its cocoon, the result was the butterfly lost its first flight stimulus.

One very interesting act I observed was in Dr.A.Girija of Sonia Clinic Manipal, () she was with this elder woman, I don’t want to belittle the woman by naming her who had trouble in handling the steps, and even handling some minor movements Dr.Girija did not stretch her hand or visibly support her, she just right behind the lady, just in case the lady did loose balance she would have Girija to lean on.

The gesture was so elegant, so subtle I wish I could imbibe it right away.

When great-uncle Dr.A.V.Rao was passing away, he would have visitors, each one asking him “how are you doctor?”

When a person is in the third stage of cancer it does not take rocket science to say he is counting down. Yet people would ask the same question. But there was this one, person who walk in and talk politics, sometimes filmy gossip, and this was the only visit he looked forward to,

I remember grandma Parwati telling me, the greatest act of kindness is letting a person maintain his dignity, in life and in death.


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