By the power of the Mundane

Imageif I had the power to enact a single law what would it be?

I’ve been given the power.

Isn’t it funny, there are only two questions people have ever fought over, this is documented history, how much do you love me? And who’s in charge?

The He-man declares, by the powers of Greyskull, or is it by the powers of the Universe, whatever, with great power comes great responsibility .

While responsibility accrues through privilege. People like me and you have an unbelievable amount of privilege and there fore we have a huge amount of responsibility. We live in free societies where we are not afraid of the police, we have extraordinary wealth available, this bequeath a kind of responsibility that a person does not have if she or she is slaving seventy hours a week to put food on the table: a responsibility at the very least to inform ourselves about power beyond that it is a question of whether we believe in moral certainties or not.

Like Tom Robbins notes, ”laws it is said are for the protection of the people. It’s unfortunate that there are no statistics on the number of lives that are clobbered yearly as a result of lows: outmoded laws: laws that found their way onto the books as a result of ignorance, hysteria or political haymaking: antilife laws; biased laws; laws that pretend that reality is fixed and nature is definable; laws that deny people the right to refuse protection. A survey as that could keep a dozen dull sociologists out of mischief for months.”

plinky powerRigid enforcing of law, does not make sense, good people do need the laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the law.

If you violate laws of God, you’re a sinner.
If you violate laws of men, you’re a criminal.
If you violate your own laws, you’re pathetic.”
― Toba BetaMaster of Stupidity


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