Jackdaw and Rook worm.

plinky hearthRains, steaming coffee, hot pakoda’s and a blessed companion, what more could one ask of life? who is my blessed companion do you ask? Like Douglas William Jerrolds, my “companion  is a book too,– a book that, fitly chosen, is a lifelong friend…a book that a touch pours its heart into your own.

The last book I read was Jessica Falerio’s Afterlife, it was ideal given the weather and the atmosphere. A book on ghost stories that every family saves for the rainy day family gossip. http://kitabikida.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/coffee-bhajjis-rains-and-afterlife/

The book was a gift to me by a friend who had enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I handed it to my daughter who in turn has handed it to her friend.

It reminded me of our own family gossip session, where each of us sat down with our respective books, (with the younger generation it is their Kindle or laptop) the coffee, in place, the bhajji’s too, the golibhajje, and gulla bhajji today replaced by gobi Manchurian and kandabhajji, but the same flavor of the family exists, the elders sharing their day at work, the real young ones lapping it up, the teenagers, part in wonder, part in disgust, yet the warmth of the being part of a fabric that is ongoing.

Though today, the family is not necessarily from being born or married into the clan, the clan the tribe has been created the families that came from various towns and villages, with a dream transplanting, finding their roots, grafting of cultures to create a new culture,

It is a society with

Energy  from the north

Enterprise from the west

Endurance from the east

Empathy from the south.


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