Fa ur ye?

who am IWho am I ?

An outgoing performer or the appreciative bystander.

Wouldn’t we all like an answer for this classical question. Who am I? So I think that most of our works are for art, or whatever we do including science or religion tried to answer that question.  By the these is concise words are crafted Paul Coelho.

It’s interesting to feel the pressure of having to be outgoing, because I think in general as a human being, I’m pessimistic and introverted, sometimes a whole different side of me emerges and I impress myself.  Sometimes I think well I can’t do it, here go and surprise myself by being a charmer.

Then I go right back inside my head and become that other me, the one I don’t ell anybody about.

There are different powers in the world, myths and fairy tales prove this. It could be a light saber, or the ability to create magic, the trick is not amass these available powers, but to use what we have been granted. My true world is a garden of riches, I pick one of the flowers from the bouquet and hand it to the movement. Its like possessing a key, when tumble into a rabbit hole, you can choose to enter a wonderland and it an adventure that is personal and fantastic.

At the end of the day I figured, the secret of this performer bystander, is putting yourself into the right lighting. For sometimes the archlight, sometimes the lamplight desk, it’s using your natural power of persistence, concentration, and insight to do the work you love and work that matters. Could be solving problems, or making art or bit of both.


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