Ay forests an’ trees.

When I see outside my window what do I see? Trees or forests, well if it is a reference  to the analogy on focusing on too much of details of a situation i.e. the trees, or not seeing  the big picture, well that depends on what I am looking for. Sometimes the tree stands out in a forest; sometimes the forest eats the tree.   What really interests me is not the gorgeous forest but the tree that learns to grow in a cemetery there can be nothing more alive than that.

Each forest has its own personality not like how English woodland is different from Central American rain forest or comparing the tracts of sunderbans with the Western Ghats… they have their own unique gossip, their sounds, their whisper and smells. A voice speaks up when you enter their acres, these cannot be mistaken for each other the voice stays true to those particular trees individual rather than their species.

 The same goes for the big picture and details, it is the detail that makes the big picture, the pin down the detail that you need.

If you are enquiring about what I see in the physical state then I see birds that nest on the trees, for we live on the edge of a forest I hear the roar of the ocean and see the grey-blue seawater welcoming the green-blue river water.


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