She says

ImageShe said…

Give me a cheese, potato spicy sandwich grilled

She was on the next table as I went to catch a bite.  She seemed a mite troubled, with a deep breathe as if to take a resolution, she looked at the boy in the counter and stated, ”I’ll sit down at the bench just bring it over.”

There was something in the way she said it, that , the normally non-helpful, and non- responsive counter boy of the Gujrat lodge obliged her, she bit into the sandwich, looked up again ,”ek tandaasa ginger lime juice laa naa” boy stopped as if to say something but he complied. One sandwich down, she seemed to be energized she smiled at me tentatively I smiled back.

“I sounded so boorish didn’t I” she asked


“this whole thing of organizing my self and doing harasses me, I didn’t  have breakfast today and it kind of tires me.”

“too much of work?” I asked out of courtesy,

“I don’t know too much of running around, I don’t normally do this, my maid does.”


“I don’t even know where these places are, and I don’t know Konkani so no one seems to help me.”

She handed the list,

“are you mobile?” I asked?

“Well there are no auto’s here and my driver is not around.”

“Well, here is the number of a Pilot, call him give him your list and ask him to take you around. This guy is reliable  he won’t cheat you”

She seemed so relieved with not having to handle transport.



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