sam scran

plinky rutIn a rut?

This is a word essentially from animal husbandry in use since circa 1632, that meant annually recurrent state of sexual excitement in the male deer broadly:sexual excitement in a mammal!!

The word arises from middle English rutte, in turn from French ruit, that meant disturbance  !!

Now about getting into a food rut??

The probably the word is used as in the modification of Middle French route  or way, which means a track worn by a wheel or habitual passage. It could also mean a groove in which something runs,

Now about getting into a food rut?

Probably the usage is as in usual or fixed practise… then food rut….

Well like the Spaniards like to say it the belly rules the mind. There was this phase when like Calvin Trillin’s mother  I served the family leftovers, for the orginal meal had never been found.

It was rice and lentils, re-invented stretched and modified. Until one day I decided nothing that is good can become stuck – and if it is stuck it can’t be any good. I took that bowl of rice and lentil. Poured it into the freshly dug hole in the ground that was meant for planting something.

rice bowl“What I take from the earth I give back, that’s the nature’s way”  I told myself. My family and I went out for the next meal.

I then created a menu plan for the month, since then there is a fair amount of variety in my cooking.

Of course there are fundamental rules like those who forget the pasta are condemned to reheat it.



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