What’s fur grub?

rice bowlPlinky has exiled me to a private island, and my captors will only supply me with five foods what would I pick?

Orson Wells statement is what pops up here, “ask not what you can do for your country, ask what’s for lunch?”

Well first and foremost, how long is the exile and how perennial is the food supply. What are the other things available on the island? What occupation am I allowed.

If I am going back to being a food hunter then my requirements.

Assuming that I am exiled to an island with a few inhabitants, there would be availability of rice, and spice. If not, the  rice, lentil, spice, and oil, and of course vegetable seeds, I could grow my own vegetables, then the veggies would be replaced by Potatoes, after all like A.A.Milne observes if a man likes potatoes, he must be pretty decent sort of fellow.



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