an Armour my book wears

beauty pageant.What’s the verdict,

Once upon a time,  lived a word operire who rose from the latin cooperire, the Anglo-French took it as their own and turned it to covenr, covrir till the 13th century Middle English emerged the word cover.

To guard, to protect cover manifests in sixteen different forms. A bit too much for me to cover.

If I were to judge my favourite book by its cover would I still read it.

My favourite books are by PG Wodehouse and Agatha Christie. The cover page would intrigue me to the extent of trying to plot the plot.

If it is a book that I have already read, obviously since I am calling it my favourite I spend a few minutes before I open the book trying to visualize the scene that has been crafted on the cover page. I then visualize the way I would do it.

The dog-ears and the little battered appearance of the book, I would nostalgically look back on the journeys’ that the book has travelled with me. The time it has kept me company through periods of isolation. The moments when it acted a curtain behind which I hid myself to lick my wounds. My books are taking omniscient tone in my life.plinky book

A small sigh of thanks giving and homage to the Armour that protects the world within. A world that heals, the a world that is safe.

Once my creative hankering is attended to, I then begin my journey to voyeuristic world created by the author.

The cover of my favorite book, is the Armour that it wears, the battle scars that it displays reminds me that it cares.


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