Famoos! fa me?

plinky oliveoil

If  I could choose to be any famous person who would I be? And why?

Maybe that depends on my definition of famous, as of now famous seem to mean someone who is well-known.

And the ad-gurus claim that there is only fame— infamous or notoriety are extinct. I guess in a way if we were to use the word famous to mean widely known then you are widely known whether good or bad is irrelevant!

But if we were to use it in the context honoured for an achievement then yes, I need to ponder who I would choose to be.

The word that emerged in the 14th century  middle English vocabulary from  Anglo-French  in turn from Latin Famosus, from fama or fame today is very different in its manifestation. Just think of those movie stars who do everything to achieve fame, and then walk around with dark glasses and say how their privacy is encroached on.

At the end of the day if we can face it fame is about immortality. And immortality is not about never  dying. The life given by nature is short, but the memory of a well-spent life is eternal.

With relevance to fame it is not goodness or badness, it is our deeds that bring it about.

The Buddha is famous and so is Hitler.

As for me, I am happy being who I am.


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