Th’ thrill ay it aw.

ImageTh’ thrill ay it aw.

What would be the ultimate theme park thrill for me?

That is what would cause me to experience a sudden sharp feeling of excitement, or cause a shivering or tingling sensation with reference to a theme park or water park whatever frankly I do not know. Being brought up on the coast, swimming the currents of the sea and the rivers the water park’s seem so artificial.

Near death experiences like almost drowning and getting roasted the only response these evoke is not again can’t this be over once in for all.

The wonderment the moment of excitement when my daughter took her first step was thrilling.plinky thrill

but when I started walking after 4 months of immobilization I felt that sharp feeling of excitement, that’s when I realized that one needs to let little  things thrill.

Another time I feel the shivering or tingling sensation, is when performing in front of a live audience who like what I am doing. That fleeting moment I can understand why people become dictators just because of the thrill they get making speeches.

It is sad that the Middle English Thrilen, thrillen that meant to pierce again that emerged from old English thyrlian, root word being thyrel or hole is used below 50% of its use potential. Incidentally the word was first known to be used in 1592



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