What’s th’plan fur yer plot?

tree spiritWhat’s th’plan fur yer plot?

Ha– small area, of planted ground? A small of land in a cemetery?  A measured piece of land ?

Plinky gives me a plot of land and the financial to do as I please,  what’s the plan asks Plinky well I shall rub my palm, and ask like Mark Waid “does Batman ever NOT have a plan..?”

To present a graphic representation or plot it, does not work for life is not a plot it is details, and details.   The main plot is secured, now I shall plot (as in a secret plan for accomplishing evil or unlawful end)

In it I would  for from that kernel of acorn there would be a forest.  A forest like all forests having a personality of its own. Not the obvious differences, like central American rain forest being different from the floating forests of sunderbans, or the English woodland, differing from the redwood forest. But the difference like the wind, roaring over the Himalayan forests,  loud like the roaring sea, or the rustling whispers and smells of the sahyadri forests with its sandalwood fragrance. The deep blue hues of the niligri and the wafting smells of eucalyptus, the forests so strong, and nurturing.plinky kubera

Maybe be I was a Yaksha, the forest spirit, maybe Banashankari, the energy of the forest , or maybe I am just an ancestral memory that has stayed in the people who lived the Tiger lands.

Sometimes I think, like Jean-Jacques Rousseau the first person who enclosed a plot of land and took it into his head to say this is mine and found people simple enough to him was the true founder of the civil society. Image If it were not for him, great crimes, like, wars, murders, annihilation of man and animal would have been spared. If only someone had then cried “do not listen to this imposter, you are lost if you forget that the fruits of the earth belong to all and the earth to no one.”

Ps the word plot was first known to be used in 12th century


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