Th’ ideal Haem

ImageI have all the resources for building an ideal home, Plinky provides it, now Plinky would like me to share it,

The middle English ydeall, from Late Latin idealis from Latin idea could mean, a mental image lacking in practicality,  or embodying an ideal, conforming to a standard, now I wonder what  resources would Plinky provide me for this,

For the word Home, that has evolved from the middle English Hom, again from old English ham  this is similar to old high german heim, Lithuania, seima that would mean family Sanskrit Ksema meaning habitable, kseti he dwells, or greek Kitizein to inhabit.

Coming back to the word home, it means a social unit formed by a family living together. A familiar setting a congenial environment. It even mean the place of origin.

I wonder what resources would Plinky ensure is there, for me home is not a place, it is a person.  Particularly in winter, or during the torrential rains of the subcontinent, it would be the touch of a friendly hand, or a talk by the fire, and a steaming cup of coffee.  Home is where I know all friends and enemies.

Home is people, and not a place, yet home is also a lot of people in a lot of place, for when you leave home, and you go back there after the people are gone then you realize that it is no more home.


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