Nae th’riet choice,

plinky not popularNae th’riet choice,

A time when I had to choose between two options and I picked the unpopular choice…. not popular or off beat have always been my choices. Some that I could share.

  • be it books,
  • My refusal to appreciate the Gandhi-Nehru Bromance.
  • My acceptance of people’s sexuality as their personal space that was none of my business.

1548 was the year the Latin popularis, from the word populous the people debuted into the world of the Queens language it meant relating to general public, suitable to the majority, adapted or indicative of the understanding and taste of the majority. Suited to the means of the majority or even widely accepted.

1647 saw the usage of the word unpopular to mean viewed or received unfavourable by the public.

Maybe I should share the most palatable unpopular choice of mine, my reading, I loved reading the wild west books, Zane Grey, Sudden even Zorro!! When my contemporaries read Mills and Boons beneath the sheet so that Mama didn’t catch them. But to me it was pioneering spirit books that said Yehi hai right choice baby. I even tried to speak “wild west lingo ” the maximum I got to was Howzzie!

Apart from what I chose I always felt that a truly free society is where it is safe to make an unpopular choice. Of course when I did choose to meander on the unpopular terrain, I choose accept the responsibility of changing the terrain. When I did fall by the popular choice that accept existing conditions, I made my life and every body around miserable.

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