Owd ‘at nicked use.

ImageRe purposing, all those political yard signs, well I am really glad I decided to go by the dictionary, I actually had to look up what re purposing meant.

I would have thought re-purposing would be re-defining the purpose I guess if I were to consider purpose as use the re-purposing would be reusing,  in which case re-purposing the yard signs makes sense.

Well Merriam-Webster says to re-purpose is to give a new purpose or use so reuse is a great one to go by. This word first popped up in 1984, pretty young isn’t it? But so is the concept of recycle to the western world.

Why repurpose yard-signs? Well it is a form of creativity, even our regrets can be re-purposed rightfully.  Old thoughts, idea or memory to a new purpose is the height of creativity.  We can call it rejuvenate, recycle, re-purpose what ever.

It makes one feel really good. Of course I would need to figure out, why would I want to re-purpose the yard-sign? After all there is a vast difference between recycling for the purpose of feeling good and recycling for the purpose of solving trash.

Maybe just stacking of signs till the next political fare would be a good idea.  Or just donate it to the sign-age guy he would use it for the next yard-sign maybe to announce a garbage sale!!

To be honest in India it might turn to doggy toilets, or toilet rolls. I mean for the street dwelling doggies.

The purpose –where I start — is the idea of use, it is not recycling, it is reusing. 


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