Mah compellin’motivation.

ImageMah compellin’motivation.

Plinky claims we all have obsessions, what am I obsessed with and why?


What is my persistent disturbing precaution with an often unreasonable idea and feeling,  ie what is my compelling motivation?

One’s compelling motivation, a jolly good show old bean how does one tackle this. I wish I had one, somewhere it talks of a passion a commitment, but me…?  being obsessed, finding a cure which incidentally is finding another one.

I guess Sean Penn is right when he says life’s and irrational obsession.  I never appreciated a quiet moment with a friend as much as quiet moment with a book and I think that is my obsession, my solitude.

At the end of the way the 1680 word does not really excite or empathize with me.

Unless in its diagnostic value.



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