Th’ top fife items.

ImageITEM the samosapedia says is a sexy woman originally coined for Meenakshi Sharma who wanted to join Bollywood but ended as a key operative in Babloo shrivastava’s underworld gang.

Item is also a pair going out together.

Samosapedia by the way is the definite guide to South Asian lingo.

But the Middle English, word that originated from the Latin ita=thus. Its first known use is in the 14th century and first documented use in 1561.  Merriam Webster assures has other meanings like

A part in an enumeration, account or series.

An object of attention concern or interest.

It is a separate piece of news or information.

A couple in a romantic or sexual relationship.

So if I had t to evacuate my home in an instant, the five items I would grab on my way out, well,  bag  that contains my wallet , health card ,my medications my phone and my laptop. (Incidentally I keep it right by the emergency exit.) And rest depends on the time available before the evacuation. If it is hop skip and jump then the handbag that’s it.


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